Sunday, November 17, 2013

Expedia promised a full airline ticket refund – but never delivered [ G4dG33t ]

Cancellation travel insurance should cover illness.

Cancellation travel insurance should cover illness. Photograph: Lee Sang-Hak for the Guardian

In June I booked a £230 return airline ticket via Expedia for my mother from Stockholm to London. I took out cancellation insurance and did, indeed, have to cancel due to my mother’s medical condition. I sent Expedia a medical certificate and was promised a full refund but have only been sent £56 because, Expedia says, “the airline doesn’t want to pay”. LVF, London

Your contract is with the airline, not the booking agent, but whether the airline wants to pay or not, the insurance company owes you, assuming that your mother’s illness complies with its terms and conditions. Expedia blames “agent error”, a culpability it seemed curiously unable to admit until the press office got involved. It has now refunded the full sum plus the cost of your many phone calls and a magnificent £25 to soothe your feelings.

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